Fornax, Phoenix, Horologium Caelum Constellations

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Fornax, Phoenix, Horologium Constellation

Horologium (Latin: clock) is one of the lesser southern constellations (declination around −60 degrees).
Originally named Horologium Oscillitorium by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, the constellation name has
since been shortened to be less cumbersome. Horologium Oscillitorium was to honour the inventor of the
pendulum clock, Christian Huygens.

Fornax (Latin: furnace) is a southern constellation which was first introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille
under the name Fornax Chemica (Latin for chemical furnace), representing a small solid-fuel heater formerly
used for heating chemical experiments.

Caelum (Latin: the sculptor's chisel) is a minor southern constellation introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

Phoenix is a minor southern constellation, introduced by Dutch navigators Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and
Frederick de Houtman, and popularized by Johann Bayer's Uranometria in 1603.

Lens : 18mm
Exposure Time : 5 minutes with filter
Camera : Canon 10D
Date : Feb 2007
Location : Wairarapa, New Zealand