The Kiwi

A local asterism (from stars in Centaurus and Lupus), which resembles a Kiwi. The Kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. (New Zealanders also like to call themselves "Kiwis".) The kiwi (bird) is unusual in at least two respects. First, it is the only bird in the world that has its nostrils at the end of its beak. Second, the female kiwi has the largest egg, in proportion to its body size, of any bird in the world (except possibly for the hummingbird). Kiwis are about the same size as chickens, but their eggs are almost as big as those of ostriches!

The Kiwi can be located in the night sky not far from the Southern Cross. The image below shows the location of the Kiwi in relation to the Cross.

Kiwi wide angle

The New Zealand Dollar coin depicting the Kiwi

Lens : 18mm & 50mm
Exposure Time : 10 Minutes
Camera : Canon 10D
Date : February 2006
Guiding : Vixen GPDX
Location : Wairarapa, New Zealand