Astrophotgraphy Setup

This is my current astrophotography setup.

  • Mount: Vixen GPDX Equatorial with RA drive and controller
  • Guidescope: Saxon 900 x 70 refractor
  • Cameras: Pentax, Chinon, Canon 10D
  • Lenses: 28mm, 50mm, 135mm, 400mm focal lengths

With this setup I use the telescope with an illuminated reticule eyepiece to guide on star while photgraphing with the attached camera. The camera is attached to a ball joint to allow for easier positioning but I also fix the camera body directly to the mount when using bigger lenses.

The Vixen equatorial mount is fixed to a home made pier and is accurately polar aligned. This means I require only one drive motor and can easily guide exposures for wide angle photographs for 30 minutes.

Camera and Guidescope

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