What's New


Here's a list of the latest additions to this site.

March 2009

Added Mammatus Clouds
Added Summer Night Sky
Added Orange Cloud Sunset
Added Comet Lulin

January 2008

Added Lunar Rainbow (Moonbow)
Added Orion Constellation
Added Orion Star Trails

August 2007

Added Horologium,Fornax,Phoenix,Caelum Constellations
Added New Moon Setting

July 2007

Added Observing the Milky Way
Added Snow on the Tararua Ranges
Added Telescopium Constellation
Added Indus Constellation
Added Reticulum Constellation

March 2007

Added Southern Cross Panorama
Added Vela Supernova Remnant

January 2007

Added Comet McNaught

November 2006

Added Grus Constellation
Added EridanusConstellation
Added Phoenix Constellation

August 2006

Added Southern Star Trails
Added Eta Carina Nebula
Added Southern Cross
Added Milky Way Looking North
Updated Trifid Nebula
Added Central Milky Way

June 2006

Added Southern Pleiades or IC 2602
Added Milky Way Horizon with House

April 2006

Added Lunar Rainbow
Added Sun Dog, Sun Halo, Moon Halo

February 2006

Added Coalsack Nebula
Updated False & Diamond crosses
Updated The Kiwi

January 2006

Added Orion by Moonlight
Added Southern Cross by Moonlight
Added Milky Way Panorama - Aquila to Orion
Added Tararua Panorama

December 2005

Added Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Aotearoa

October 2005

Added Orion Star Trails
Added Large Magellanic Cloud
Added Mars and Pleiades
Added Partial Lunar Eclipse

September 2005

Added 47 Tucanae
Added Orion Panorama
Added Milky Way Setting
Added Aurora Movie (11th September)
Added Stonehenge Aotearoa Night Sky Movie

August 2005

Added Milky Way Mosaic
Added Milky Way Panorama 3
Added Altair
Added Milky Way Panorama with Constellation Lines
Added Aurora Movie
Added Lagoon Nebula(M8)
Added Trifid Nebula(M20)

July 2005

Added Southern Cross Panorama
Added Lagoon Nebula to M24
Added Matariki Dawn Rising
Added Full Moon

June 2005

Added Milky Way - Pipe Nebula to Antares
Added Milky Way Panorama

May 2005

Added Milky Way Rising Movie (517kb)

April 2005

Added new image Constellations around the south celestial pole
Added new image Volans Constellation
Added new image Chamaeleon Constellation
Added new image Iridescent Cloud
Updated image Omega Centauri
added new image Octans Constellation

March 2005

Added new image Carina Constellation
Added new image Musca Constellation
Added new image Centaurus Constellation
Added new image Equinox Sunset at Stonehenge Aotearoa

February 2005

Added new image M42 Nebula in Orion

December 2004

Added new image Comet Machholz